California Health And Safety Code Section 123148 – Limits on sharing test result information with patients online



Thank you so much for raising the issue of the California Health and Safety code section 123148. For those of us supporting the online medical record initiatives at Kaiser, this law has been an ongoing frustration, as it means that some of the people who care the most about their test results can't see them online.



Thanks for commenting – I wonder what the opportunity is for us to hear from patients about what this means for them and have a discussion? The law was passed in 2002. It's now 2008, and many millions of lab test results shared in other states later….


Dear Rajiv,

Thanks for your comment, I’ll send you an e-mail to learn more about your situation,


I am just reading this post now because i am suddenly experiencing a problem with not getting my lab test results in a timely manner due to this ridiculous CA law. Who would be more interested in my results other that me. I like to review MY test results prior to my doctor visit so I can be somewhat prepared for discussions. Can you let me know if there is any recourse or how i can also “get around” this law?

William, I obviously can’t tell exactly what your situation is – I think the law is about getting results online but you should be able to get them somehow. Also, this post is from 2009 so the rules may have changed. Check with your doctor. All the best, Ted

Ted Eytan, MD