Photo Friday: Common sequence of pills for a diabetic

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This week’s photograph is not one I have taken, but a collection of photographs put together, by my colleague Paulanne Balch, MD, (whose experience using a personal health record in her practice was just featured in the New England Journal of Medicine) from Kaiser Permanente Colorado.

Paulanne reminded me of this series of photographs this week, as we both attended the interregional (national) leadership group for Kaiser Permanente’s personal health record, My Health Manager.

In a first for me/us, we were given permission to live-tweet the meeting, so I’m not even blogging what I saw – it’s all on Twitter, and it’s more than just met that’s tweeting about it as well.

The photographs are a reminder of what we need to move toward in the creation of the ideal My health manager – one that helps patients truly manage their health, with schedules, to-dos, organization, and information that allows them to take the complex, and make it simple, so they can achieve their life goals through optimal health.

A part of adherence is things like reminders. Another part, however, is involving patients in designing, understanding, and agreeing to the regimen in the first place. When we don’t ,the image above looks a bit daunting, doesn’t it?

Visit Summaries That Tell The Story  

Ted Eytan, MD