Questions Are the Answer (TV Commercial): A good start, by AHRQ

Questions Are the Answer: TV Commercial (AHRQ)

I liked the new commercial advertisement sponsored by the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality, and its focus on getting involved in care.

It’s a good start. Theoretically, a patient shouldn’t be asking what a test is for while they are going under a gantry that’s about to irradiate them, and I think the commercial stimulates the thinking that this is too late.

So…will there be an advertisement for health care professionals called “Answers are the answer, provide them before waiting for questions?”

Either way, this is great groundwork. Thanks, AHRQ.


This is a great step by AHRQ. It's a bit loud & fast, making it hard to get the point….but direct-to-consumer promotion is a must, especially given high provider variation and time it takes for practices to change.

But QUESTIONS are the ANSWER for health professionals, too. Docs readily offer long medico-oriented answers. Promoting greater ASKING patients about their values, preferences, resources, and confidence in doing things is harder to find. Organizations like the American Academy on Communication in Healthcare are the Society for Behavioral Medicine experts in patient-oriented communication. The challenge is to get the experts engaged in Health 2.0, and Health 2.0 woking with the experts. A marriage made in Behavior Change Cyberheaven.

Susan S. Woods, MD, MPH


Teach Back is the key. Everyone, everytime. the time spend up front will reduce downstream costs.

Twitter their after visit thoughts…You can measure the satisfaction through twitter.

Ted Eytan, MD