2 Minutes To Working Smarter – Walking Meetings

  • 2 Minutes To Working Smarter – Walking Meetings – Scared to leave the safety of your routine? Think again:

    # Want an honest or a confidential conversation? A walking meeting gets you out of the earshot of co-workers or people sitting at the next table.
    # Brainstorming ideas and solutions? It’s faster and easier when you are active.
    # Are people reluctant to commit to coffee or lunch? Others seem to immediately recognize the value of a walk. It’s a fresh idea, it’s free, and there’s no awkwardness over the bill.
    # Problems to resolve? Walking side-by-side is more collaborative in energy than sitting across from someone with a desk or table in between.


Dave, tell me how it goes. I have already set up a TimeDriver scheduler specifically for walking meetings, and would love to see a mashup in the future between it and something like gmaps pedometer, so that under location you can put in a path instead of a fixed place. Maybe even have a workgroup log their walking miles with every meeting schedule. A few links to comfortable walking shoes included wouldn't hurt either,


Ted Eytan, MD