Photo Friday: Andrew Jackson and an Incredible month for Washington, DC

Our Federal Union It Must Be Preserved

This week’s photograph (published a little later, to support Engage With Grace) was taken on Thanksgiving day, at President’s Park, in front of the Andrew Jackson statue. You can see preparations for the inauguration happening behind it, on Pennsylvania Avenue.

I believed that 2008 would be an incredible year for this city, and my prediction was accurate just in thinking about this past month.

I thought about whether posting the images below would dilute the message of my blog, but I think they do not. The interest in empowering patients in health care is not far removed from an interest in empowering all members of society to achieve their true potential. This is an interest shared by the best organizations in the world, including my employer, and this community is a wonderful place to witness that commitment, which I did this month.

2009 is looking to be another incredible year in our nation’s capital for health care, diversity, and our world’s economy. Come join us!

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Ted Eytan, MD