Photo Friday: “Ever Eaten at a Lunch Counter in a Store?”

Lunch Counter Seats

The words in the title of the post were said by one of the staff at the newly re-opened National Museum of American History this morning to a young visitor. What she did, very effectively, for the visitor and myself (lunch counters in stores are even before my time) was relate yesterday’s inequalities to those of today, by explaining the importance of the lunch counter in the era before fast food. This is the Greensboro, North Carolina lunch counter, and it was donated to the Smithsonian by Woolworth’s in 1993.

I’m attaching a few more images that stirred some emotions in me, maybe they will for you, too. Overall, the last two weeks in Washington have really inspired the feeling that everything is possible. I’ll post some of those images next week. Feel free to share your comments on the NMAH opening in the meantime.

Ted Eytan, MD