Query from Everett, Washington: Experience with reimbursed e-visits?

I received this query from fellow family physician, and now successful implementor of an enterprise-wide electronic health record, Matt Mulder, MD, who practices and works at The Everett Clinic, in Everett, Washington:

Hey, I am starting to toy with the idea of E Visits, and getting paid for them. I have heard of few other groups that are making these fly. From your travels, have you come across any fee for service group that is making these work. It appears some third party payors are paying for them – up to $35 per visit. Hope all is well, Matt

I had some ideas of people who I could refer this question to, but wanted to refer it to the readers here, for their ideas. Matt said OK to post here with his name and organizational affiliation. Do you know of groups who are providing reimbursed e-visits and how is it going? Patient, staff, doctor perspectives are welcome…

Let’s help Matt support a patient-centered, results-only patient experience. Please post your ideas in the comments.

Congratulations to the patients and staff at The Everett Clinic on completing their EHR implementation – I see that they now have a link to “My Medical Record” at The Everett Clinic. Great job! Let’s see if Matt can also tell us how that part of things is going…


Thanks Ted for posting this! We just completed our EpicCare ambulatory rollout here at The Everett Clinic, and our MyChart/MyEverettclinic install. We have a fair number of patients up on this secure portal, and we have patients, and others, have been inquiring re: evisits with providers. I have spoken to a few docs from Minn who are doing these, and they appear successful. I am interested in any comments from folks who have tried these. As a practicing family doc, seems like I could accomplish a fair number of my patient encounters via such visits, but in a fee for service system, such as ours, compensation for this would be importatant.

Ted Eytan, MD