Throwing Out the Rules of Work |

Throwing Out the Rules of Work | – More press for Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) at BestBuy:

“You start looking at everything and saying, ‘Is this really going to help get me to my desired outcome?’ ” Ressler says. “Pretty soon you’ve cut out 10 of those unnecessary things that used to fill up your week, and you’re getting a lot more done.”

Best Buy is so enamored of ROWE that it is in the process of marketing the system to other companies, and is even considering trying a modified version in its retail stores. There are skeptics who wonder whether ROWE will work outside of a relatively homogenous corporate campus.

It’s a 6 month process, and the steps are detailed in the article. What works in retail or in the professional environment of BestBuy’s corporate campus should work in health care, especially in professions where workload management by the clock makes less sense. Agree?

Ted Eytan, MD