e-patients: New York Times Health Section

e-patients: New York Times Health Section

Read the comments and watch how patients lean and teach each other about how they can thrive in our health care system, and how we can perform better for them. This is a revolution.

I’m not disfigured from it but I learned my lesson: do not tolerate professionals who think we shouldn’t be privy to our medical data, much less the chance that we might have something to contribute. But we do.


Christine, myself and a couple of other patients have tried over the last 6 months to find a medical institution willing to work with us to create a program to help pediatric oncologists to better their communication style. For example by learning to better listen to what the parents have to say about their child disease or quality of care. We haven't been successful so far! But maybe the time is coming when such a program will become a reality. There is so much to learn from these smart parents and someone should really use their willingness to share very hard experiences.

Ted Eytan, MD