e-patients: Safety Net Populations

e-patients: Safety Net Populations

The nice thing about the blogosphere is that when you get behind in your blogging, someone else will help you out. Thanks to Susannah Fox for writing about her experience with us in Oakland, California, around the sharing of Pew Research Data with safety net health care organizations.

The comments on the post are especially heartening, in that they support that involving the audience in the presentation of information is meaningful. In this case, they presented just as much information back, which is as it should be.

If I can have one claim to fame in the convening world, besides audience involvement, it is that internet access, checking e-mail, using the Web is allowed at the discretion of attendees. At the last two meetings where I suggested this, people seemed a little caught off guard that this is okay. I want to change that. Just as in the Results-Only Work Environment, in the Results-Only Meeting Environment, respect for people deciding what is most important to them creates the pressure I like, that I/we need to be more interesting than an e-mail inbox.

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