Project HealthDesign Expo Washington, DC – It’s not the record, it’s what you do with it

Project Health Design Welcome I am at the Project HealthDesign Expo here in my hometown, along with many many other leaders in the personal health records world, including several members of the CCHIT Personal Health Records Workgroup.

Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, MD, is completing her opening remarks, and in them, she referred to the work of Douglas Engelbart. I have also been fascinated by his work and some time ago took the trouble to find videos of his demonstrations of the computer mouse and document editing on a computer in 1968. Pretty amazing.

Pictures below, click on any to see larger. I have been impressed by the amount of patient input provided in all of the work – a lot of things along the way demonstrate that these are different tools than we’ve seen previously to allow patients to be empowered in health and health care.


Ted Eytan, MD