Medical Education 2.0 concept: – Google Docs

I just updated this sample “Medical Education 2.0” curriculum, based on the Yale Medical School curriculum, by adding a subject called “Process Improvement in Ambulatory Care / Inpatient Care.” I then realized that I don’t know of a resource to link to that would help people who haven’t done this do it in undergraduate medical education. Anyone have ideas?

The skills I am thinking of are ones around looking at the entire process of care, figuring out how to serve the patient best utilizing all of the tools available (technology, people, business), along with some work on improving service. This would include something on teaching students how to write to patients (no medical school teaches this – they only teach verbal communication, am I wrong about this?)

Thanks to Bertalan Mesko for getting this ball rolling. Take a look at the Google Docs document – what do you think the medical students of tomorrow should be learning?

Medical Education 2.0 concept: – Google Docs


Ted Eytan, MD