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A dream realized: Made it into Bisnow on Business: Washington DC Local Medical News: WHAT DOCS
. Now I’m really a Washingtonian, complete with driver’s license and taxpaying privileges.

I must say, in the background of the humorous sarcsasm of the corporate shackles comment in the article: Employed, Unemployed, what does that mean anymore in the context of ideas like the Results Only Work Environment, in a city where people work to improve the health of the nation in a diversity of ways, as part of a generation that challenges the importance of organizational affiliation?

I’ve been working this whole time and learned a ton, online and offline – and one of the things I’ve learned is that this is not dependent on being in a big company, or a company at all. It’s what you do for people and how you learn to be better at it every day.

Shackled or not (mostly not), this is a great community to be a part of and I am honored to support it along with all of the others profiled by Curtis and the Bisnow team. Keep up the great work!

Ted Eytan, MD