New Position

I decided to do the Web 2.0 thing and announce in this order: Twitter (see it here and below), then blog (this post), then e-mail.

Those who have invested in the ambient awareness of my activities will find out first, and the new length of any announcement is 140 characters or less.

You can read more about the Permanente Federation here and here. I will be doing this 50 % time and will be based in Washington, DC. I will continue to blog and twitter my experiences working with this leading edge organization, and I’m looking forward to serving both the members and communities that Kaiser Permanente supports.



And mazal tov.

I've been thinkin, those KP folks seem to be fairly right-headed. Maybe we ought to give 'em an official Eepie award, for e-patientness.

Hmmm, now that I think of it, a Tommy award, for fulfilling DocTom's dream. I'll think about that.

Ted, that's great news….and you've joined a group of folks doing worthwhile work. You'll be a real asset to their team.


Great to have one of my dreams come true – more opportunities to work together. Looking forward to having you advocate for patients throughout all of KP, and for patients everywhere


TED–We are so lucky! Does that mean you will have to be on Lotus notes?

The singularity is near… you are coming to the right place at the right time.. have you read Ray Kurtzweils "The Singularity is Near?" He addresses the likely impact of computing in this century…Ray was the featured speaking in Catholic Healthcare West's annual meeting this year..great stuff on how it will effect healthcare in the book.

We love you, Ted. We are Lucky!

Thank you thank you everyone. I would agree with the statement, Dave, that the Kaiser Permanente team is right headed, this factored heavily in my choice :). And I of course love that the work I do is intended to help every patient in every care system, which has always been my goal.

Watch here for updates,


Ted, Congratulations and wonderful news that your vision and creativity on patient care will have an even broader influence across our healthcare systems. -Karl

mazel tov Ted! You are going to be a great asset to the KP family! Look forward to hearing more about it next week in DC!

As one of the lucky ones, I'm thrilled to welcome you! To quote Steve Jobs, let's put a dent in the universe!

> now you are on the PCPCC executive

I'm glad you guys are finally listenin' to me and getting together. 🙂

On behalf of the hundreds of millions of butts who depend on your success, I think you and wish you well.

Hi Ted – Just learned about this via your quote in yesterday's NY Times – congratulations!

Ted Eytan, MD