Patient Online Access in the Safety Net: Adam Szerencsy, MD and Neil Calman, MD’s slides

These are Adam Szerencsy, MD and Neil Calman’s slides from the recent discussion in Oakland, “Patient Online Access in the Safety Net,” hosted by the California Healthcare Foundation.

Adam and Neil are from the Institute for Family Health, and as you can tell, have learned a lot in providing online access to their patients in New York City.

This presentation had special meaning for me for several reasons. The first is that Neil’s organization was the first to host me outside of my integrated health system environment, to learn about applying PHRs to the care of all patients. The second is that I got to watch Adam lead the rollout of IFH’s patient portal from the initial thinking through to watching him prepare his patients for its eventual rollout, when I got to watch him practice in Bronx, New York. You can read the story (and see the pictures at this link) about what that day was like. I still remember it as strong affirmation that there are really exceptional physician leaders among us, who with the right tools can be freed to do great things for their patients and their communities.

Ted Eytan, MD