3 Days of Nice in San Francisco, Courtesy of Twitter


This photograph is from a session using Tapulous’ Twinkle software, which is a location-aware version of Twitter. This exchange is evidence that the iPhone’s most powerful innovation is not 3G, it’s GPS, which Apple, Inc., has now seeded into the mainstream, just as it did with a host of other technologies, like Wi-Fi.

What is shown here is community being created with complete strangers based on location – this exchange happened when my tweet was broadcast to everyone within a 1 mile radius of the San Francisco airport.

Some of you out there have been expressing your reservations about Twitter, Friendfeed, and the like. Here’s a nice article about both. Don’t be reserved, these are important technologies that will have applications in healthcare. Get your Twitter accounts now. Post your ideas in the comments, as well, please!

And San Francisco, thanks for being nice. You never disappoint.

Ted Eytan, MD