Photo Friday: The Apartment on the National Mall, HBO Dance, and HIPAA

National Mall

This week’s photograph was taken on the National Mall, where the movie “The Apartment” was being shown as part of HBO’s Screen on the Green Series.

There was an interesting dialogue between Jack Lemmon (who works in a large insurance company) and Shirley McLaine (who’s an elevator operator in said company) in this 1960 film:

They got a great little band at El
Chico, in the Village — it’s
practically around the corner from
where you live.

Sounds good.
(a sudden thought)
How do you know where I live?

Oh, I even know who you live
with — your sister and brother-in-
law — I know when you were born —
and where — I know all sorts of
things about you.

How come?

A couple of months ago I looked up
your card in the group insurance


I know your height, your weight and
your Social Security number — you
had mumps, you had measles, and you
had your appendix out.

They have now reached the corner, and Fran stops.

Well, don’t tell the fellows in the
office about the appendix. They may
get the wrong idea how you found
(turning the corner)

Many people in the audience were laughing during this part (and I assume many in this crowd probably are very engaged in these issues), and it made me think about how we got from there to here, and a thought provoking question: Did HIPAA solve a problem or is it a band-aid on a bigger, deeper one?

Lastly, on this gorgeous summer evening, I also encountered a curiosity of this series, the HBO Dance, which is choreographed to the opening theme many in my generation remember before the days of cable. It’s always good to dance, and laugh, every day – and that does happen in Washington!

Video posted below, along with a bonus image of the crowd.

Free Movie, originally uploaded by M.V. Jantzen.

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