In the AHRQ Innovations Exchange

Maurena Moran, Group Health Cooperative‘s Executive Director of Web Services and Enterprise Information Management, sent me a note that our work together is now published in the AHRQ Innovations Exchange:

AHRQ – Innovations Exchange: Online Tools and Services Activate Plan Enrollees and Engage Them in Their Care, Enhance Efficiency, and Improve Satisfaction and Retention

Here’s the description of the Exchange from AHRQ:

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s Health Care Innovations Exchange is a Web-based resource designed to support health care professionals in sharing and adopting innovations that improve health care quality.

The message forwarded from AHRQ encourages linking to the Exchange and having other people comment there. I have to say that this is a great resource for the times when people have asked, “tell us what it is you did again on your project?”

Prior to the existence of the Exchange, I had a PDF document on my hard drive of an application we wrote for a national HIT award that described our work in launching a personal health record and electronic health record simultaneously across the State of Washington. We didn’t win the award that we applied for, but the effort put into the application paid off well considering the number of times I sent the document out to other people/organizations. Now there’s a real place to send people to learn more.

I think the Exchange fills a niche for large organizations who want to provide open access to the work they are doing but don’t have the right place to organize this information on service-oriented Web portals. Thanks, AHRQ, and thanks to Maureena, her team, and everyone at Group Health for changing the way we think about interacting with patients where they live, work and play. It’s a great story…

Ted Eytan, MD