HealthVault : Conference presentations now available…

  • HealthVault : Conference presentations now available… – If you weren't in Bellevue, Washington, in early June, you can do a little catching up on HealthVault. I’ve reviewed these presentations, and the amount of thinking that has gone into the health ecosystem is very impressive. And I’m critical of these things. Of significance, there’s some nice thinking displayed regarding bringing small practices online. Well done.


You're just too (@#$ prolific to keep up with. Cripes, what am I, your mother, following you around picking up after you?

Seriously though: I just downloaded their first slide deck and two things popped my eyes wide open. First, I'd been planning to develop some crude artwork proposing a Copernican revolution, shifting from hospital-centric to patient-centric; and presto, they did the artwork for me and even titled the deck "Copernican shift."

Second, late in the deck they anticipate shortening the "chronic care -> acute care" cycle, which I presume was accompanied by words about somehow doing early detection based on data uploaded to HealthVault. I have a friend who's working on exactly that kind of algorithm. He's made it work in reality in three different high tech companies and is beginning to appy it to health data.


….and what you and I both love about Web 2.0 is that it's all optional. Every so often I do a complete flush of my RSS reader. I may miss stuff, but gotta keep the house clean, right?

Glad you liked the Microsoft material – I agree that they have done a lot of thinking on how to contribute to the field,


> what you and I both love about Web 2.0 is that it's all optional.

Dude, I have no problem or ignoring or flushing ANY feeds. But I complain (with a grateful grin) about you and Susannah Fox because your stuff so often is something I REALLY WANT AND NEED to dig into. Yum.

In this case, as I said, what you linked to saved me a bunch of work I'd been planning to do. And now that creates my next steps. 🙂

Ted Eytan, MD