Presentation: “5 1/2 Reasons Why Patients and Families Should Be Involved, and 2 1/2 Things You Can Do To Help”

I am posting this presentation that I created, commissioned by the California Healthcare Foundation, and supported by the Center for Information Therapy and indirectly, Group Health Cooperative.

It is the presentation that created the need for me to define Health 2.0. It is also the last presentation I will give as as a Group Health employee, and the only time I will be able to give it, due to my my career change.

It’s in slide show format, so feel free to click on any of the images and page through. I had a lot of fun putting it together because it allowed me to reflect on what I learned and how much I have changed in my thinking in just the past year. May the same trend continue.

I would like to extend special thanks to Crosskeys Media, producers of the excellent show “Remaking of American Medicine,” for allowing me to use portions of the content in the interest of supporting patient centered care. I encourage anyone interested in this topic to view or purchase the show. There is an educational license available that allows for use in teaching (as a whole piece, not intended for editing by users). It’s worth it.

Feedback and comments welcomed.


Holy crap. You just post so much juicy stuff that it takes me two months and a reminder to see it.

Here are things that caught me – misc. notes.

"I prefer to see facts at the level of the patient" – yes, please do; it's too rare in your business.

Man I love that "Health 2.0" definition. I know I was involved in writing it, but I forget things easily, so sometimes I get re-inspired. That's when I know we done good.

Huzzah about fragmented care. When that happens to me it's so STUPID! And Huzzah to the hospitals who've shortened shift change and reduced errors by having shift change at the patient's bedside!

Superb point about the power of the parental bond – "wasteful to ignore this energy, foolish to encumber it." It's an issue that's hinted at in the e-patient white paper, but not addressed directly.

Image 7: Gotta get that Deloitte graphic on mismatch between "want" and "have."

I want to see those videos.

These graphics are too small on my 1680×1050 display.

Slide 16: I want to know about Silo Busting. The graphic is compelling.

I want to see the slide 17 video.

Hey Dave,

I'm all about just in time. The blog is always there for you…

Sorry about the presentation. I am really best in person. I have gone through different iterations of how to virtually post my stuff, and honestly, since I am the kind of presenter that doesn't read words off of a slide, I don't translate as well into static media. Badge of honor…

I looked at, but I don't think they allow the notes to go along with the slides. I've tried PDF'ing things but I don't think that's as easy to get to.

The other thing for me is that I design for myself, which means that I like to see up front how many slides there are and to go to the ones that interest me. It's for the attention challenged crowd. Jakob Nielsen may not like it of course…

The Deloitte graphic I made, I can repost it as its own thing if people want to use it.

The videos that belong to Group Health can only shown by the many talented staff members that work there. I am no longer in that category (of Group Health staff member). I assure you though, that I am good at developing a new story whereever I go…working on one right now ("From PHRs to Participation")….every day's a winding road.

The other video clips are from "Remaking American Medicine" – which you can definitely get online. Highly recommended,


Ted Eytan, MD