Photo: “She met every ambition she set out to conquer”

Go Mama Go

Go Mama Go

This week’s photograph is of the storefront of Go Mama Go!, a local and vital landmark, opened by Noi Chudnoff in 1999. I have never met Ms. Chudnoff, but I learned about her shortly after moving to Washington, when she died after a fall at a local hospital while awaiting surgery. She was weeks away from her 60th birthday. Ribbons tied by grieving members of the community in November, 2007 are still attached to the gate.

Members of the community marched in this year’s Capital Pride Parade (photograph here) to remember Noi, and it was a reminder of the impact a person can make in their community when they are present, and the greater impact that occurs when they are suddenly taken away.

parade day

What are the parades your patients will be a part of during their lives, and how can you make sure they are able participate in every one, in good health, with their family and community?

Ted Eytan, MD