Once In a Lifetime Talking Heads

“And you may ask yourself, how do I work this?”

It has become fashionable to say farewells in person, over e-mail, and now in the blogosphere. Since the e-mail has already gone out to all of the staff at Group Health Cooperative, this is my blog farewell. I have decided to leave my position as Medical Director of Health Informatics and Web Services; my last day with Group Health Permanente, providing direct service to Group Health Cooperative, will be June 30, 2008.

Without realizing it, I wrote a little tribute to my wonderful experience as a Group Health physician and patient empowerment advocate in my book review of “Overtreated,” by Shannon Brownlee. I definitely share the feelings of another blog farewell I read along time ago – I leave with gratitude and appreciation for every Group Health member and staff member who supported me in becoming a better physician and servant leader every day. I was rebooted often, and reprogrammed/upgraded regularly by these awesome teachers.

People who know me know that the glass is at least 3/4 full. Fortunately, Group Health is a great place to be optimistic about improving the health of patients and their communities. I’m certain that health care across the United States and beyond has been improved through Group Health’s contributions; the innovation that will continue to come from Group Health will also continue to help every patient in every care system.

Keep in touch, Group Health, and all the best.

Ted Eytan, MD