“If You’re Sitting at This Table, You’re in the Wrong Place” – Moving Forward With Patient and Family Centered Care

Team MCG

I am in Besthesda, MD, attending the Institute’s intensive training seminar. The quote above is from Roslyn Marshall, RN, Nurse Manager for the Neurosciences Unit at Medical College of Georgia, who placed a sign with the words in the title near the place where nurses used to do their shift changes. They now do shift changes at the patient bedside. The other quote I liked was from Terry Griffin, who said:

No one more than parents wants to make sure their baby’s care is error free

In reference to including parents in hospital rounds and nursing rounds. I also learned to not call “Carts on Wheels” “COWs” – “WOWs” (“Workstation on Wheels”) is better.

Ted Eytan, MD