Photo Friday: Legion of Honor, San Francisco

Legion of Honor

View from Legion of Honor, San Francisco

View from Legion of Honor, San Francisco

This weeks’s photographs come from San Francisco’s Legion of Honor, which is currently hosting and exhibition of Annie Leibovitz’s photographs. I came here because this was the suggested venue for a walking meeting with Sophia Chang, MD, MPH, one of my advisors at California Healthcare Foundation.

Besides the beautiful scenery, there was significant relevance to health care in the exhibit itself, which included photographs of Ms. Leibovitz’ father and her partner Susan Sontag’s last days. These included a haunting image of her parent’s living room, almost completely taken over by a hospital bed, and photographs that relayed the different ways they died, from the intensity of Susan’s fight to that of her father, who died at home, in the arms of his wife.

Ted Eytan, MD