The State of the Facebook Platform : In Decline (Does This Make Me an Early Adopter?)

See: The State of the Facebook Platform | 20bits. The number of active users has declined 27 % since January. Early adopters are leading the pack out.

I deactivated in December, 2007 (See: “I deactivated my Facebook Account, is LinkedIn Next?“), reactivated for a few days earlier this year, and then deactivated again. For good.

I did cancel my LinkedIn account, too. As I discussed in a post about it, if everyone has their own blog and RSS feed we can just communicate through those.

And I still think every patient should have a blog that their physician has access too through the electronic health record.


Many of my friends hate Facebook and see no use for it. I think the apps are horrible (except for a few), but the one thing I like about Facebook and LinkedIn is the randomness to it all. By joining I'm Too Young For This!'s Facebook page, someone contacted me from New Haven – when I didn't even know about that person, nor would have known how to find her. Same with LinkedIn – a high school acquaintance saw I was a member of an alumni group and messaged me. I'm sure for the last 10 years he hadn't thought about me, but since he saw my name, and saw that I have a restaurant in Westport (a town that he goes to twice a year to see his brother), he thought he would reach out.

I have a blog for medication non-adherence, a restaurant blog, and personal blog – but none have generated as much contact as my social networking profiles.

I am by no means an advocate of them and only joined in the last year, but I do occasionally use them. If I had been affected by Beacon, though, I would have deleted my account – and still might if Facebook tries to monetize me!

Alex – you must be an early de-adopter, too :). Can you share your medication non-adherence blog?

Ted Eytan, MD