“Living, Breathing, Interaction with Data” – Demo of the Myca Patient-Provider EHR platform

Health care disruptor Jay Parkinson, MD, just posted a nice demo of the Myca platform for patients and providers, that wowed so many at the Health2.0 conference in March.

The things I liked are the fact that they are demo-ing the platform in the first place – some vendors are reticent to show their user interface publicly. I liked that Jay starts out with the patient experience and flows to the provider experience, not the other way around. I like that the provider experience piece is equally capable of storing a video or IM interaction as much as the in person physician documentation.

The provider user interface looks very slick. I can’t say either way how I might practice with it. I would ask how the practice is able to keep prevention issues a part of every interaction (Jay started the demo by looking at the problem list). I would also be more interested in how flexible the product is over time to support a patient centered practice, as opposed to whether it is there today.

I was really impressed with what I see as the entre of basic tagging – providers being able to tag treatments for each patient. I’m not sure whether they can tag significant test results, too, but this would be very handy (e.g. which chest x-rays are the ones to remember moving forward).

All in all, more innovation is better, and let’s see what the patients think of the care, and let them guide us on what works best – it looks like HelloHealth is set up to do that, which is the most important thing in my mind.

See what you think of the demo yourself.

The Myca Platform


So much bloggage, so little time … I'm inspired to hear of someone in this industry starting *anything* from the patient's point of view! Note to self – chase links soon.

Ted Eytan, MD