The PCHIT Blog is Moving!

The PCHIT blog is moving to its new home at the Center for Information Therapy next week.

We’ll post a link to the new blog here, and then automatically redirect all traffic to the new site.

This blog was started along with the initiative in October, 2007, and will, as planned, move to a site hosted by the Center for Information Therapy. Josh and the IxCenter will maintain things there, including the 141 posts and 155 comments that resulted from this effort.

The new blog will continue to discuss important developments at the intersection of HIT and patient-centered care and build on related work going on at the IxCenter.

Ted will continue to write about his own experiences in health information technology, patient empowerment, reducing disparities, and physician (and patient!) leadership at

We learned so much from the committed organizations we visited, all of which involve practitioners dedicated to promoting patient-centered care. We also learned, as one medical director colleague once said, that we are living in a hailstorm of innovation. We thank all of the organizations and the people who support them, for their time and interest in their patients and communities.

Affinity Health Plan
Institute for Family Health
Primary Care Information Project
Queens Health Network
Urban Health Plan
John Muir Health
Kaiser Permanente
La Clinica de la Raza
Lifelong Medical Care
Redwood Community Health Coalition
Sharp Health Care
Cambridge Health Alliance
DC Primary Care Association
East Boston Neighborhood Health Center
Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates
Partners Health Care

We also thank the supporters of this work

California Healthcare Foundation
United Hospital Fund of New York City
Kaiser Permanente
Group Health Community Foundation
Center for Information Therapy

Ted Eytan, MD