Health 2.0: Jay Parkinson, MD, OnCall Medical Group, Enoch Choi, MD

A few more interesting ideas in Health 2.0: Jay Parkinson, MD, in a video about his practice, invoked the work of Toyota Motor Company (smiley face) as a company that works to remove errors from processes.

The On Call Medical Group, like Jay, go to where the patients are – home or work, their true Gemba. I liked the comment about the fact that going patients’ homes allows physicians to assess patients’ capabilities and work with them collaboratively.

The patient filmed was judged not to have a high likelihood of strep infection, yet a culture was still drawn and antibiotics prescribed.

Panel moderated by David Kibbe, MD, from the American Academy of Family Physicians. Overall, it is great to see physicians interested in the art of medicine and able to equip themselves to do something different.

Ted Eytan, MD