In Princeton, Learning About Policy

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Headquarters

I’m honored this week to spend a little bit of time at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, in Princeton, New Jersey, attending a workshop about informing policy with fellow alumni of RWJF training programs.

The experience so far has been very useful in providing knowledge about policy processes in my community. It is also causing me to think about the role of informing policy in my work in health information technology. The timing during my sabbatical is terrific because I will start to explore how to make the findings meaningful to those interested in patient and family centered care enabled through technology. What would I like the outcome of this work for society to be? Until this time, my focus has principally been on the membership of the organization I work for. It has also been great to catch up with colleagues whom I have trained with in the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program as well as other RWJF programs.

Ted Eytan, MD