Sign of the Times


I received this insert in the mail recently. No better time like the present than to start blogging. It’s from The Department of Health Policy News, which is described as follows:

The Department of Health Policy at Jefferson Medical College is committed to conducting research and education programs that will contribute to the quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness of health care. The Department’s activities are meant to inform decisions made by government policy makers, providers, payers, and other health system stakeholders about how best to deliver and finance care in order to improve the health of the public.

I support blogging by health system leaders to support a conversation with the people we serve. Of course I subscribed to the RSS feed.


Hi Kathy,

No irony intended, just a comment on how important blogging is becoming in leadership circles.

At first I didn't understand what you meant about the URL, but you see, there's only one page that controls subscriptions to my blog, and it happens to be called "subscribe". I supposed I could call it "manage subscriptions" – but I think most readers understand the Web2.0 way of keeping things simple.

Thanks for reading,


Ted Eytan, MD