Promising Reimbursement Methodology; More on Music and Real Estate Industries; Another Blog Post Goodbye to an Employer

January 12th through January 13th:

  • Prometheus Payment, Inc. – A new payment model that supports outcomes, evidence-based care, and transparency
  • The music industry | From major to minor | – “Then they had the money and could have built the competence by buying concert agencies and merchandise companies,”…Now it may be too late.
  • Coverity Incorporated Scan – Company working with the US Govt to harden open source code for use by agencies including Homeland Security. They are finding bugs and the bugs are being fixed.
  • Online Real Estate Sites Work To Get A Listing Standard – Another industry that is seeing the benefits of standards, and the challenges of disruption
  • Gone Indie ? Thought Palace – Interesting insight on the work environment at Apple. LEAN production? You decide. I will say, though, that even though Apple is not embracing Web 2.0 like other companies are, I have solved many problems using their hosted discussions. These actually work well on Apple’s site I think because they do a great job of leveraging their loyal customer base. Yet another blog “goodbye” to an employer.
  • Lean Manufacturing Blog: 1 Hour Kaizen – Excellent template and approach to small improvements. Just takes an hour. Can we have physicians shadowing nurses and vice versa?

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