relaunched with My Heath Manager today

This is a link to Kaiser Permanente’s press release about the relaunch of the site with My Health Manager. As the release states, the personal health record is continuing to be a large focus of Kaiser Permanente’s work in health information technology. All of Kaiser Permanente’s regions are now operating a personal health record as of this year now that Ohio is online.

Of interest, they are also going through and replacing “your” references to “my” references around the site. For the PCHIT initiative, we are following the progress of Kaiser Permanente as a benchmark organization, and they are a sponsoring partner.

One of my to-do’s is to schedule an in depth tour of I am a user (and builder!) of Group Health’s PHR, which is based on similar technology. I know from my own physician and patient experience that more interaction like this is the right step forward for the people we serve.

Kaiser Permanente Puts Personal Health Record Front and Center

Ted Eytan, MD