2 Photos: Ted, Rachel, and Barracks Row

A lot of reflection and housekeeping happened this week, in prep for another journey next week to visit with another great community, Boston, Massachusetts. I was honored to attend The Health Affairs Silver Anniversary Gala as a representative of Group Health Cooperative and Kaiser Permanente, which was a presenting sponsor.

The first image is of myself and Rachel Block, from the United Hospital Fund of New York City. Rachel is one of the funders and mentors that I am working with on the PCHIT project. We had a very productive day together at our first advisory group meeting.

Ted and Rachel

One more photo this week, of Barracks Row, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. I was introduced to this neighborhood officially by Lygeia Ricciardi who runs the Project HealthDesign Blog, in addition to a portfolio of work promoting consumer empowerment. There is a large community of talented professionals here who are both working to support a patient/person-centered health system, and willing to introduce diverse parts of this community to new arrivals. I highly recommend both the neighborhood, and the blog.

Barracks Row

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Thanks, Ted. I recommend your blog, too — and that you return to the neighborhood again some time soon. Take care, Lygeia

Ted Eytan, MD