First PCHIT Advisory Committee Meeting

Josh and I are gearing up for tomorrow’s first PCHIT Advisory Group meeting, at the Center for Information Therapy headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. Why an advisory group? We would like to add additional perspectives and knowledge from other communities/projects to this work, among other things. We plan to post materials from the meeting here, so everyone can be informed about the progress we are making.

Speaking of progress, one of the things I am doing is integrating practices from the Toyota Management System into this meeting as well as the entire project. For tomorrow, this means presenting the work as a PDCA cycle, and using A3 documents, in paper form, to go over things, as opposed to a slide deck.

We’re excited to host this distinguished group and think things will go well, which means we’ll learn how we can improve things for the next communities we visit.

Ted Eytan, MD