Neil Calman, MD, now in the blogosphere

I was treated to the news that Dr. Neil Calman, President of CEO of the Institute for Family Health has launched his own blog, at Of course I’m excited by this as I got to meet Neil and his care system very recently and will look forward to being updated about things as they happen with Neil and IFH. When I see Neil, instead of asking, “what’s happening, Neil?” maybe I’ll be asking, “how’s that thing happening, Neil?”

I have noticed in some of my own professional interactions that the conversations start more deeply, more quickly, when I am having them with someone who has been following a blog of mine. I have to remember what I write so I don’t tell the same story. My antidote for this is to appeal to others to have their own blogs, so they can experience the same embarrassment.

I think this is a great way to stay connected to other leaders, and hopefully we’ll have Neil write a few guest posts about the work IFH is doing to support patient centered health information technology.

Ted Eytan, MD