Internet Holiday Over; IT System Upgrade; PCHIT Blog

I am back from my Internet holiday, and the picture below shows what an Internet holiday looks like. Not bad!

Continuing on my “own CIO” thread, I am facing a total system upgrade this week when Apple releases the Leopard operating system. I’m not really an early adopter when it comes to things like this, so I’ll wait a few days. I am most interested in the changes coming to iCal, the scheduling program that comes with Leopard. I read that Apple the company has adopted the use of iCal across its own enterprise – this bodes well for the improvements that I’ll see when I upgrade.

My return also brings the launch of the official blog for my main sabbatical project, “Patient Centered Health Information Technology” or PCHIT for short. I’ll be operating this blog with Josh Seidman, Ph.D., the President of the Center for Information Therapy, as well as clinicians who I will be working with over the six months. It’s useful to note that the blog is the kind of thing that you start small and then grow – you don’t release it as a finished Web site. This is the spirit of Web 2.0! Some of the things I mention here I’ll instead mention there, where this blog will be more about my sabbatical experience and items that I work on outside that project.


Ted Eytan, MD