I *heart* New York (and their pedometers especially)

NYC Health PedometerToday marked a bit of a milestone for me in that my company issued pedometer died. I’ve been walking with it non-stop since 2004 – it was my permanent company brand. The thing about pedometers is that you can’t really buy them easily, but you can get them because so many organizations give them away. So today, courtesy of the Clinical Systems Improvement Group in the New York Department of Health and Mental Hygeine, I got rebranded. I’m still trying to evangelize the walking meeting here, but I admit it’s a little hard if the humidity is at a level that makes you want to duck into the nearest air conditioned space.

I spent the morning in the South Bronx, visiting one of the Institute’s facilities and meeting with leaders of Urban Health Plan, and then in the afternoon with folks from Clinical Systems Improvement. I will detail that information on the PCHIT blog when it’s up.

One thing I notice about New York is that people walk as fast as I do here (well, some of them do). It’s good that I can count my steps again.


Ted – did you see my post about digital pedometers?

I like this style, you can keep it in your pocket or your bag and it's pretty accurate. $20 for the basic version on amazon. I have one and like it very much.

Hi Mark,

I have heard good things about this one. For my needs (use only the most basic technology), I prefer a step counter alone and nothing else to fiddle with. It's strange that I now don't feel whole if I leave the house without one clipped to my belt…

Ted Eytan, MD