New Badge, Last Day

Yesterday was my last full day in the office before starting my sabbatical. Since the organization recently replaced employee badges as part of a move to a new headquarters, it was also the day I picked up mine. Due to an error in printing though, it listed my department as HUMAN RESOURCES, instead of QUALITY & INFORMATICS. I showed it to one of my colleagues who said, “That’s what you do, anyway.” I think they’re right, and in a very complimentary way to the people that I get to serve. These are the most accomplished professionals around, who ultimately will do whatever it takes to help patients, and Informatics is one of the things that helps them get there, as a means, rather than as and end in itself. I always say that Informatics is about people, not about technology. After reflecting on this happy accident, I wore my badge with pride all day, pleased with the affirmation of what I really do.

And with that fond memory, along with many others, the journey now begins….

Ted Eytan, MD