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Video: My intro to my largest walking meeting ever – Walking Summit 2013

How you get 500 people out of a hotel basement in 5 minutes, and not because it's an emergency.

I didn’t realize this had been posted until a small bird told me – thanks Kate Ellington (@kateellington)! I am talking really fast because: I had 5 minutes to help 500 people leave a hotel basement to start a walking meeting I needed to get them back on time, otherwise I’d never get to throw » » » » on to the full article

Video Friday: DC Mayor’s Health Care Sustainability Pledge

Now posted on the Washington, DC Mayor (@mayorvincegray) YouTube channel. And yes it was a huge honor to co-introduce him with my Executive Director of the Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHealth). More photos and info about this event : Sustainable Washington, DC USA Similar Posts: Photo Friday: Sustainable Washington, DC USA Standing on the Right » » » » on to the full article

Great innovation story and the bathroom scene in episode 4 of Transparent explains why gender neutral is the future

I’m standing in the past (a gendered bathroom) that’s going to prototype the future – testing gender neutral multi-stall bathrooms in health care at the Kaiser Permanente Garfield Innovation Center – View on Flickr.com Jill Soloway (@JillSoloway) is a great storyteller on a stage and in film. Specifically, the bathroom scene in episode 4 of » » » » on to the full article

Healthier hospitals don’t just treat patients, they don’t create them in the first place, here’s how

It’s true – operating a health system in an unhealthy way actually creates illness instead of preventing it, and it actually costs more money. So why do it? Check out this video from Healthier Hospitals Initiative (@hhiorg). Healthier hospitals has catalyzed a lot of change in the 18% of GDP health care industry, I’ve seen » » » » on to the full article

“History isn’t something you look back at and say it was inevitable” : Life and Times of Marsha P Johnson

Marsha P Johnson

Marsha P. Johnson 1944-1992 …it happens because people make decisions that are sometimes very impulsive and of the moment, but those moments are cumulative realities… The quote is from the documentary “Pay it No Mind: The Life and Times of Marsha P. Johnson” who was a revolutionary trans-activist, Stonewall-instigator, and in many ways a co-creator » » » » on to the full article

Video Friday: Edith Bunker, Transgender Ally, 1977; Jeff Platt, Ally, 2014

Edith's Crisis of Faith - Part 2 - Clip

I’m putting the finishing touches on the discussion I’ve been posting about here in prep for the Kaiser Permanente 2nd Annual LGBTQI Health Symposium in Universal City, California, next week (More info about the Symposium itself here). I’ll be talking about being an ally to people who are transgender, which has been an incredible journey, » » » » on to the full article

Seeing the future 45 years later at the Brookings Institution: CHF and Payment Reform

When I was at the Brookings Institution ( @BrookingsInst @BrookingsMed )with fellow Permanente physician, cardiologist Priti Sood, MD, for MEDTalk: Treating Congestive Heart Failure and the Role of Payment Reform | Brookings Institution, this quote immediately came to mind: We believe any group of physicians, or a foundation working with physicians, can easily duplicate the » » » » on to the full article