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#WalkingMeetings – story coming to your local CBS Station

View Filming Walking Meetings w CBS News 37665 on Flickr.com A pleasure to host Susan McGinnis (@SusanMcGinnis) from CBS News, at the Center for Total Health (@KPtotalHealth) to film a story about walking meetings – the revolution continues. She’s looking for other companies in the DC area that include walking meetings in their work – » » » » on to the full article

The contagion of walking meetings

New for 2014 – The Walking Meeting | David Haimes Oracle Intercompany Financials Blog. Hey this is great – a blog post on the Oracle Intercompany Financials Blog about a leader trying out walking meetings? Fantastic! Never too late to start. As I have mentioned previously, I have found that walking meetings are incredibly contagious, » » » » on to the full article

Contagion – Walking Meetings – Walking Summit 2013

The 2013 Walking Summit is opening today (#walksum13). This is my contagion slide, which shows some of my favorite people, old friends and new, (@susannahfox @reginaholliday @danlevs @pattifbrennan), from different disciplines and parts of the world spreading the word about walking meetings. Patients, health system leaders, internet anthropologists, professors, they’re all doing it. Watch for more photos » » » » on to the full article


How Taking More Meetings Could Save Your Life.

Published in the Daily Muse (@dailymuse) – Really nice piece by Anneke Jong (@annekejong) on walking meetings, that I was interviewed in.

My favorite is the heading in the article “Walking is the new Golf.”

I’ve never been good at golf. I am good at walking :).

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DC Park Prescription Podcast (click here to download directly into iTunes) I’ve done a fireside podcast, a walking podcast, this is my first park podcast. It was recorded at Washington, DC’s Stanton Park and stars Robert Zarr, MD, MPH (@doczarr), our city’s physician champion for rating and prescribing parks. Keith Montgomery, the Executive Director of » » » » on to the full article

Best.Walking.Meetings.Ever (to date)

Filmmaker Tonya Lewis Lee and Vice Admiral Regina Marcia Benjamin, USPHS on a walking meeting, Center for Total Health View on Flickr.com At the Every Body Walk (@everybodywalk #EBWpartners) partners meeting last week, Scott Bricker (@ssbricker) , the Executive Director of AmericaWalks (@AmericaWalks), and I, worked with the event organizers to include walking meetings in » » » » on to the full article