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TEDMED Blog : Examined Lives: An MD on living and helping to guide the evolution of transgender health

I’ve done more than 10,000 surgeries and they had little emotional impact on me because I was shut down. There’s no emotional attachment. I know I did it; I earned a good living; I remember things people wrote and cakes people made for me, but there’s no attachment.  It’s only after I transitioned that everything » » » » on to the full article


A lot happened in health last week, in many dimensions. TEDMED (@tedmed) was a part of it for me. I’m not going to try summarize (because I’ll miss A LOT) but I will add my experience (it’s my RSS feed, after all :)). The hive The Hive, brought to you by… For the people and » » » » on to the full article


My Intravenous Lecture | Jess' Juxtapositions.

This is a blog post written by my community colleague Jess Jacobs (@Jess_Jacobs).

When I saw her at TEDMED and she told me about the patient experience around the diagnosis of here syncopal spells, I think I suggested she write a blog post. I’m not sure – I think I said that if these non-patient-centered approaches to care happen to everyone and no one says anything about them, they will continue.

So she wrote this blog post telling her story.

She did a beautiful job documenting things through photos ( one of my favorite things :) ) and in her story shows the difference between “data” and “facts”. “Data” are things like “X% of hospitals are using electronic health records,” or “100% of the time, patients should be able to access their medical records.” “Facts” are what happens at that highest level of the health system, where the patient receives services.

Read Jess’ story to see if you can see the difference between data and facts. We’re bummed because the facts don’t match the data.

Who knows, maybe the system that created this experience will go on stage at TEDMED and tell the audience that if the patient they disappointed is out there that they’re sorry, too.

Thanks, Jess.

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