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The lowest sugar soda fountain I’ve ever seen: Kaiser Permanente Regional Headquarters, Rockville, MD

View on Flickr.com – Lowest sugar soda fountain I’ve ever seen View on Flickr.com – Healthy Picks at Kaiser Permanente 38091 Two weeks ago they were serving scrapple here – Karen Blair, Vice President, Public Relations, Marketing and Government Relations, Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States (@KPMidAtlantic) I’ve never had scrapple before, but it doesn’t look healthy. When Karen, » » » » on to the full article

Just Read: The Third Mode: Toward a Green Society, (how engineers impact our health as much as doctors)

The Third Mode: Towards a Green Society When I walked around New York City with Jeff Olson, one of the pinciples of Alta + Planning (@altaplanning), famous for the bike sharing systems that are transforming city life, he mentioned that those of us interested in designing environments to promote physical activity should read his book. » » » » on to the full article

Now Reading: The Sustainable DC Plan

If your community has a sustainability plan, you should read it. This the plan for the city I live in, Washington, DC, USA, and it’s terrific. I discovered it a few months ago while taking a course on climate change literacy (see: Now Analyzing: Temperature and snowfall data for Washington, DC, Implications for Health | » » » » on to the full article

Climate Change Impact on Health : Allergic Disease in Washington, DC USA

I have alluded to the excellent Sustainable DC Plan and have been planning to post about it, and then realized I hadn’t put this up yet. It’s my first assignment from the course I took on navigating climate change conversations (that I highly recommend, it’s free – see: Finished my 3rd MOOC, and moving to renewable Energy » » » » on to the full article

The different definitions of “sustainable” health system – US and Europe

I was curious when I got back from CleanMed Europe (see my series of posts here) about what American scholars say when they talk about a “sustainable health care system,” because what I heard in Oxford seemed so different from what I am used to. (see: CleanMed Europe LastDay: “Sustainable health system” definition : different here » » » » on to the full article

There are less cars here than in 1997. Presentation: Total Health and Transportation

Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA, USA This is the view from Arlington, Virginia’s nationally significant Mobility Lab (@MobilityLabTeam), which I have written about previously on this blog.. Keith Montgomery (@kmontgomeryndc), the Executive Director of the Center for Total Health (@kptotalhealth) had the opportunity to present to the lab on October 10, from which this photograph was » » » » on to the full article

Continuing my Sustainability Tour: Royal College of Physicians, London – A Brutalist Modern Masterpiece

Rounding out my sustainability tour of England, I got the chance to visit my ancestors, at the gorgeous headquarters of the Royal College of Physicians in London (@RCPLondon). As it says on the web site: Since its foundation in 1518, the RCP has had five headquarters in London. The current Grade I listed building in » » » » on to the full article