Just Read: Marriage equality = 134,000 less suicide attempts in adolescents

We estimated that, each year, same-sex marriage policies would be associated with more than 134 000 fewer adolescents attempting suicide. These results reflect an important reduction in adolescent emotional distress and risk of mortality from suicide.

Equality does equal health.

I did read the paper and reviewed the analysis – these numbers are possible because 29% of sexual minority adolescents (lesbian, gay, bisexual) report attempting suicide in the last 12 months compared to 6% in the general population.

This is the impact modeled from just one policy change (that has since been applied across the United States) for a subset of the LGBTQ population.

Imagine if every State in the United States was as supportive of equality as Washington, DC is.

Diversity allows the human species to survive ๐Ÿ™‚ .

SCOTUS  26251
More love. Less suicide. 2013.06.26 – SCOTUS 26251 (View on Flickr.com)

Raifman J, Moscoe E, Austin SB, McConnell M. Difference-in-Differences Analysis of the Association Between State Same-Sex Marriage Policies and Adolescent Suicide Attempts. JAMA Pediatr [Internet]. [cited 2017 Feb 21]

The Stunned Silence in front of the White House in Rainbow Colors

Celebrating a new America #lovewins 58234
Celebrating a new America #lovewins 58234 (View on Flickr)

I wanted to capture the relatively stunned silence of the very large crowd that gathered in front of the White House (@WhiteHouse) as it lit with the colors of the rainbow.

Stunned because of the recognition that a symbol, an institution, that for so long explicitly excluded Americans from the opportunity to achieve their life goals was now in complete opposition to its past, in the most beautiful way.

My community colleague Susannah Fox (@SusannahFox) and I once went on a walking meeting and stopped in front of it during this time period (pre-2008) with this understanding in mind. It was hard to reconcile the respect for the office on the one hand, and its behavior on the other hand.

Now, it’s hard to believe that other White House even existed. It serves best as a distant memory of a past generation.

Institutions are not static. Our generation has the power to change everything. Love always wins ๐Ÿ™‚ .

More photographs of the moment are here. All are creative commons licensed, feel free to use.

A few photos taken on the way to the future #SCOTUS #LoveMustWin #WalkingMeeting

SCOTUS APRIL 2015 LGBTQ 54663 (View on Flickr.com)

I normally walk to work through history, this time I walked to work through history being made, as the United States Supreme Court heard arguments for marriage equality.

#activetransportation w #scotus pit stop #steppingthroughhistory

#activetransportation w #scotus pit stop #steppingthroughhistory (View on Flickr.com)

In an awesome confluence of events and social movements, I was participating in a roundtable co-hosted by the American College of Sports Medicine (@ACSMNews) and the Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Policy (@KPIHP) on creating a Call to Action on Making Physical Activity Assessment and Prescription a Standard of Medical Care. Of course that roundtable of medical leaders was going to have walking meetings, and we walked to the future, while talking about the future. Two social movements coming together.

Isn’t it great how all things Total Health are so related….

Enjoy photos of the day and the people who are changing everything. Click here to view them on Flickr directly. All are creative commons licensed.

Photographs from the Supreme Court, Day 2, Courage

All photographs are Creative Commons licensed. Click to enlarge or download original

One difference from this day was that the signs are more humorous.

What does it take to make a sign and stand in front of the highest court in the land, in front of international media, asserting your right to live in peace?

When I think about this, I also think about the fact that when President Clinton signed DOMA into law, he did it in the middle of the night, to avoid visibility of the action that he took.

I don’t know if he knew that he would inspire so many people to demonstrate what courage really is.

Either way, it’s easy to see from this example why love always wins.

Enjoy. Comments welcome.

Photographs from the Supreme Court, Differences since 2008

All photographs are Creative Commons licensed. Click to enlarge.

Set 1

Set 2

Then and now

A few reflections/changes since 2008

  • more innocent people died
  • more of our nation paid attention
  • Anti-humanity, pro-past contingent joined the dialogue, they were not there in 2008

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. – Mahatma Ghandi

Equality = health | Love always wins.

Comments welcomed.

Love continues to be unbeatable, thanks to the courage of our neighbors

I have pledged to write a post for every State in the Union to embrace equality (see the series: Love Always Wins), which happened multiple times yesterday. I’m losing track, it’s happening so quickly now.

Before I found the right photograph for this morning’s post, it found me:

It was accompanied by this e-mail, from Josh Seidman, PhD (@jjseidman):

Subject: For your “Love Always Wins” Files…

I thought you’d like this picture of my wife and four kids campaigning for Marriage Equality in Maryland.
Can’t wait ‘til baby Julia is old enough to know about her first campaign of political activism was about the first civil rights issue of the 21st century.
It was 8-year-old RJ who came up with the idea of putting “scales of justice” on their homemade posters.
What a great day!
Hope all is well.

The woman in the picture, Jocelyn Guyer, who Josh is married to (and vice versa), is Co-Executive Director of Georgetown’s Center for Children & Families – who has helped shape policies over the last 20 years that have led to many low-income kids & families getting access to health coverage.

I do like this picture. A lot.

It is a show of support for equality (which equals health, as the data shows) and it is a show of a support for me. The day after the 2008 election was difficult – I was in California, and there, we were not celebrating the presidential election, we were mourning the passage of Proposition 8. That happened to be the day I met ePatientDave (@ePatientDave) (see: Meeting ePatientDave for the very first time | Ted Eytan, MD), who was so sympathetic to the disappointment I and so many people across the country felt.

It’s now four years later, and people, neighbors, friends, and their families aren’t sending notes of sympathy, they are sending notes of support and stories of their courage, that causes love to be unbeatable. That’s why this is the best Love Always Wins photo today. Thanks, Josh, Jocelyn, and family.

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