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Seeing the future 45 years later at the Brookings Institution: CHF and Payment Reform

When I was at the Brookings Institution ( @BrookingsInst @BrookingsMed )with fellow Permanente physician, cardiologist Priti Sood, MD, for MEDTalk: Treating Congestive Heart Failure and the Role of Payment Reform | Brookings Institution, this quote immediately came to mind: We believe any group of physicians, or a foundation working with physicians, can easily duplicate the » » » » on to the full article


Leadership and Professional Ethics | Dana Beyer – Huffington Post.

Great post by colleague Dana Beyer, MD (@DanaBeyerMD), and not just because I am quoted :)

I’m in agreement with her. In practice, I say it is the physician’s role to bring the patient story into every conversation. Our other role is to create an environment where the patient can be heard, and then let them speak for themselves.

In the same piece, she also touched on what it means to be in the sausage making of creating change, which I mentioned yesterday ( see: Thanks for publishing my photo about equality, Mashable.com | Ted Eytan, MD).

On an occasional basis, people ask me how they can be exposed to innovative ideas/thoughts/people. It’s in places where this is happening, often because most people don’t want to be there. That and the world belongs to optimists, pessimists are bystanders :).

Thanks for a year of great writing, Dana.

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