Thanks for using my photo in “Timeline” | Barack Obama Presidential Library (!)

Timeline | Barack Obama Presidential Library (2017-06-25 10-19-32)-144
Timeline | Barack Obama Presidential Library (2017-06-25 10-19-32)-144 (View on

Thanks for using my photograph to illustrate President Barack Obama’s scholarship at Harvard University School of Law on the Barack Obama Presidential Library Website. There isn’t a twitter handle for the library that I can find, so it’s @ObamaFoundation @BarackObama (of course) and @oplsouthside.

It’s an honor.

The photograph, by the way, was taken when I was enrolled in the Kaiser Permanente Executive Leadership Program, operated by the Harvard School of Business Executive Education Program (@HBSExecEd). Besides this time being a moment of record-breaking snowfall, it was also a time of mind- and horizon- expansion for me.

"Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking". It's what we do with it ....
“Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking”. It’s what we do with it …. (View on

Well, actually every day is like that for me (and it should be for everyone). I snapped a shot every morning, and I specifically remember this one, with a quote from Steve Jobs.

I still feel this way, which is that I/we/humans are often asked directly or indirectly to live someone else’s life – I have been asked this many many (many) times. It seems to frustrate people when people like me/us/humans elect not to do that, and that’s the right choice, and it comes with consequences. That’s all right, though. My generation of physicians came to health care to change everything, and we’d never be successful if we were trapped by dogma.

The original photograph is below, along with the rest in the series. Enjoy, and thanks for the view.

Source: Timeline | Barack Obama Presidential Library

Photo Friday: Rainbow Flags at LGBTQ Pride, Baltimore, MD USA

2016.06.17 Baltimore Pride, Baltimore, MD USA 6735
2016.06.17 Baltimore Pride, Baltimore, MD USA 6735 (View on

This week’s photo is an easy choice. It’s a rainbow pride flag flying over Charles Street, Baltimore, MD, USA for 2017 Baltimore Pride. Nothing says visibility like a rainbow flag. Plenty of transgender pride flags as well, many many more than this same event 4 years ago.

The world is learning to love better. Rest of the photographs from the event are below. Enjoy.

Photo Friday: Why I’m going to my 5th Capital TransPride This Weekend

2017.05.18 Capital TransPride Producers, Washington, DC USA 4983
2017.05.18 Capital TransPride Producers, Washington, DC USA 4983 (View on

My 2013 Answer: Because I and my fellow physicians went into medicine to support the ability of every human being to achieve their life goals. (See original blog post)

My 2017 Answer: Because life is amazing, and we can 🙂 .

For those unfamiliar with Washington, DC, this is the 14th Street, NW walk of fame in front of Whitman-Walker Health (@whitmanwalker – our most awesome planning meeting host), just a few steps down from the former First Lady’s Cycling Studio.

Full schedule for : 2017 Capital Trans Pride (@TransprideDC)

Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States is a proud sponsor for the 5th year.

First, the #LGBTQ community has never given up on a struggle, even if it took decades to achieve. And second, in the end, they always win.– Jerome Pohlen

More photos below, of the Capital TransPride producers team.

Photo Friday: Newest Addition to Health Care – Safe Bathrooms

2017.02.01 Shadowing Kaiser Permanente Kern County, California USA 00323
2017.02.01 Shadowing Kaiser Permanente Kern County, California USA 00323 (View on

When I had the opportunity to shadow family medicine specialist and Permanente physician Michelle Quiogue, MD (@DrMicheQ) at Kaiser Permanente Kern County recently, I spied this, the first time I have seen the new all gender signage standards in the wild. Prior to this day, I had seen them in the signage standards guide but never in real life.

It was a great an unexpected moment – in Bakersfield, California. Great, almost moving, because I know the feeling of finally being “seen” after being invisible in society – any member of a vulnerable or underrepresented group knows this feeling.

I am reminded by the book “A Fortunate Man,” written in 1967 (!) about a primary care physician in England (see my review of it here, a must read for doctors). In it, the history of medicine and physicians is discussed, and one of the most important roles of physicians in society is to make people feel “comparable to themselves” when it seems they may not be, because of an illness or other condition:

He does more than treat them when they are ill; he is the objective witness of their lives. They seldom refer to him as a witness…that is why I chose the rather humble word clerk: the clerk of their records.

With regard to Bakersfield, usually the most great and unexpected things occur in the places that people don’t think about as much. The same feeling of greatness is true for the family medicine I saw practiced here, except maybe I’d say expectedly great 🙂 . Michelle happens to be the Diversity and Inclusion Leader as well as the Wellness Champion for the Kern County Service Area. And, the incoming President of the California Academy of Family Physicians – hence, the expected and observed greatness.

As of 2017, this type of accessibility for all human beings is required by California State Law (see: OSHPD Issues Guidance on All-Gender Toilet Facilities – California Hospital Association), so these signs should not be an uncommon occurence moving forward. Note that these should not be understood to be restrooms for people who are transgender, nor should the needs of people who are transgender or gender non-conforming be framed around bathroom access. This handy publication helps with that understanding: (see: Just Read: Debunking the “Bathroom Bill” Myth: Accurate Reporting on Nondiscrimination – A Guide for Journalists).

In the meantime, this week’s photograph shows that the world is learning to love better, and the part of the world that should be leading the most, health care, is doing its share.

Thanks to Michelle, her team, and her service area for showing me.

Additional photos from my visit below – can you tell I was very impressed with the innovation here…

Photos: WELL MindShift – What’s the Future of Workplace Health?

2017.01.13 WELL MindShift at Center for Total Health 02560
2017.01.13 WELL MindShift at Center for Total Health 02560 (View on

It was a pleasure to host at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHealth) with Rex Miller (@mRexMiller) and friends from Delos (@DelosLiving). I especially appreciate Rex’s approach to these gatherings – everything is open source, just like this blog.

People want to live and work in a healthy environment. People like me want to know what works to make it that way. Rex introduced me to this website, which helps in the critical analysis of what works…

The Well MindShift is a collection of over sixty organizations and one hundred leaders who have assembled to address the crises of workplace health, wellness and well buildings. We see this issue threatening the future viability and prosperity of our corporations and nation. We are a self-organizing cohort representing a diverse cross-section of leaders including subject matter experts, academics, healthcare institutions, corporate, not for profits, authors, service providers and community organizers.

Photos below, click here to grab them on Flickr.

Presentation: Why be Social (Media)? Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences

With my colleague and collaborator / protector Vince Golla (@VinceGolla) I had the opportunity to:

I like to say “you can’t be social and anti-social at the same time.” My portion of the presentation (given after awesome case studies provided by Vince that we walked and talked about) was about the Why of using social media as a professional.

  • To communicate (not just “to use technology”)
  • To LISTEN (listening is the ultimate app)
  • To be present (what the people we serve expect from us)
  • To spread contagious ideas (walking meetings, respect for others)
  • To be accountable to the people we serve, which means society (because much of a physician’s education is paid for by society)

The other thing I like to say is that the people who work in health care are exceptional by definition; you have to be in a job this challenging. I could tell on our walks together and in the dialogue that there is no shortage of the drive to be there and be professional for the people we serve, across the health workforce, which includes our allied health professional colleagues.

Enjoy, feel free to embed elsewhere, comments welcome, thank you for the invitation.

We're here! And We do have one kpsahs ❤️👍 School of Allied Health Sciences w the Vincegolla

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Professor Vince Golla at Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences
Professor Vince Golla at Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences (View on