Presentation: Why be Social (Media)? Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences

With my colleague and collaborator / protector Vince Golla (@VinceGolla) I had the opportunity to:

I like to say “you can’t be social and anti-social at the same time.” My portion of the presentation (given after awesome case studies provided by Vince that we walked and talked about) was about the Why of using social media as a professional.

  • To communicate (not just “to use technology”)
  • To LISTEN (listening is the ultimate app)
  • To be present (what the people we serve expect from us)
  • To spread contagious ideas (walking meetings, respect for others)
  • To be accountable to the people we serve, which means society (because much of a physician’s education is paid for by society)

The other thing I like to say is that the people who work in health care are exceptional by definition; you have to be in a job this challenging. I could tell on our walks together and in the dialogue that there is no shortage of the drive to be there and be professional for the people we serve, across the health workforce, which includes our allied health professional colleagues.

Enjoy, feel free to embed elsewhere, comments welcome, thank you for the invitation.

We're here! And We do have one kpsahs ❤️👍 School of Allied Health Sciences w the Vincegolla

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Professor Vince Golla at Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences
Professor Vince Golla at Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences (View on

Thanks again, ILNX, Austin, TX USA

2016.10.26 ILNX Austin TX, USA 08467
2016.10.26 ILNX Austin TX, USA 08467 (View on

As the title of the post says, thank you people of the Innovation Learning Network (@HealthcareILN) for a truly just-in-time learning experience in Austin, TX, USA.

There is a lot to be gleaned from this group, because of the people, and also because of the way they structure time.

Not everyone needs or wants to be sitting to learn (some do wall sits, though :)) and it seems hard for many conference organizers to think of learners as actual adults. Not so here. The best announcement was made before the meeting, “The venue is two miles away, feel free to walk to it.”

Innovation continues to be difficult, I still don’t know exactly what it is, I just know what I am, and therefore a network serves a great purpose.

Speaking of knowing who I am, I believe every attendee checked themselves with Crystal (@CrystalKnowsMe), AI to the rescue….

Also thanks to the team at Dell Medical School (@DellMedSchool) for hosting us for a tour on the last day, in collaboration with our other hosts Seton Health and Ascension (@setonfamily @Ascensionorg). Photos of our time at Dell Medical School are below.

2016 Design Value Award Winner: KPLantern, to understand the transgender person experience

2016.09.26 Design Management Institute Design Value Awards 08182
2016.09.26 Design Management Institute Design Value Awards 08182 (View on

Thanks, Design Management Institute (@DMIfeed) for awarding KPLantern a Design Value Award for 2016.

– Kaiser Permanente is the nation’s highest performing health system
– We know there are problems that can’t be solved with medical care alone
– Lantern was the opportunity for someone like me, a family medicine physician, to work with Chris McCarthy (@McCarthyChris) and our amazing design consultancy (@KPInnovation) (led on this project by Dana Ragazeous) to change the face of health, within one of the most important civil rights issues of our time

For those not oriented to the design world, the Design Management Institute is a premier organization of design leaders all over the world, across disciplines.

Innovation does happen in out of the way places. Equality Equals Health. Love Always Wins. I’m proud of our transgender members, my colleagues who are transgender, our therapists, nurses, doctors and designers who are helping the world learn to love better 🙂 .

2016.09.26 Design Management Institute Design Value Awards 08187
2016.09.26 Design Management Institute Design Value Awards 08187 (View on

MakerDocsDC, June 2016, Guest Star Edition

2016.06.27 MakerDocsDC 00669
MakerDocsDC, June 2016. Left to Right, Nishi Rawat, MD, Ted Eytan, MD (@tedeytan), Brian Miller, MD (@4_BetterHealth), Hassan Tetteh, MD (@DoctorTetteh), Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD (@DoctorJesseMD) (View on

Actually they are all stars to me, and patient teachers, walking us through what all the symbols on their uniforms mean.

It was a nice and welcome surprise to have Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH (@DoctorJesseMD) join us, as the guest of Hassan Tetteh, MD (@DoctorTetteh). Jesse has been a terrific leader and inspiration in the area of LGBTQ health, across multiple dimensions, in addition to all of his service roles in medical education and organized medicine.

MakerDocs make things, often things the rest of health and health care doesn’t know they need, until later. Sometimes they’re health activists, too, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Actually that part is kind of cool, and lifesaving (How Two AMA Gay Activist MDs Swayed Delegates on Gun Violence) It’s what our patients expect.

This group of physicians is also curious….

Until next month!

ILNX: Innovation Is Never Easy

2016.05.12 ILNX Day 2  04773
2016.05.12 ILNX Day 2 04773 (View on

This week is the 10th year of the Innovation Learning Network (@HealthcareILN) and its in person meeting is at the Kaiser Permanente Garfield Innovation Center (@KPGarfield).

I think the theme from interacting with the people here is that innovation is hard, and (not but) there is a lot of passion. It’s really helpful to hear the scripts that organizations use to either support or control (or is it “center”?) innovation. A lot of them sound the same, almost down to the word. To me, that validates the existence of a network like this.

More photos below, enjoy.

Just Pullquoted in: Impact & Joy Through Design – Kaiser Permanente Innovation Consultancy

Impact and Joy Through Design KPInnovation Year in Review 2015 1855
Impact and Joy Through Design KPInnovation Year in Review 2015 1855 (View on
Impact and Joy Through Design KPInnovation Year in Review 2015 160229
Impact and Joy Through Design KPInnovation Year in Review 2015 160229 (View on

What a special treat to receive this in the (regular, not electronic) mail – it’s the Year in Review for the Kaiser Permanente Innovation Consultancy (@KPInnovation).

The consultancy is special to me because I’ve known it since before I was at Kaiser Permanente, when I visited the brand new Garfield Innovation Center and  the IC’s new Director, Chris McCarthy (@McCarthyChris) walked us through prototypes of what later became Med-Rite.

In 2015, finally, I embedded myself into one of the Innovation Consultancy design teams for KP Lantern (many posts on that here, try this one: Next in health care: The human revolution ). And it was… the best opportunity ever to explore total health for the people we serve. I’d say once in a lifetime, but that would mean it’s not going to happen again 🙂 .

The Innovation Consultancy is a component of the Kaiser Permanente innovation system, that includes the Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHealth) and the Garfield Center (@KPGarfield) as well as a lot of other components. These are the things that help doctors, nurses, and all health professionals bring empathy, passion, and design thinking to understand and solve the problems of our members and society.


Yes to more – from KPLantern

I can’t repost the actual review here because it contains protected information about our members. If you are an employee of Kaiser Permanente, contact me and I’ll point you to a digital copy on our internal network.

However, since the pull quote is mine, I am going to repost that here. And because it’s true.

I hope every doctor and nurse in every health system experiences a generational change like this in their career, because they were supported in listening.