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Now Reading: 2011 Insights – Annual Report of the Innovation Learning Network

2011 Insights: Annual Report of Innovation Learning Network More than occasionally people ask me what the Innovation Learning Network ( @HealthcareILN ) is, either because I am tweeting from one of the in person meetings, or the person desires (or we could say “aches”) to find their innovation tribe.  2011 Insights is the recently released » » » » on to the full article

#iln11 Day 2 – Prototyping life

Learning how to prototype (View on flickr.com I remember my conversation with Chris McCarthy (@McCarthyChris) and Tim Rawson (@noswar) in Seattle at the last Innovation Learning Network meeting in May, 2011, and I’m paraphrasing: Chris: We’re going to the Garfield Center for the fall in person meeting Me: Why? Chris: We’re going to prototype. Me: » » » » on to the full article

Innovation Learning Network Fall 2011 – co designing the future of connected healing

Obscura Digital, Innovation Learning Network 2011 View on Flickr.com I have to hand it to the Innovation Learning Network (@HealthcareILN) Team, they create meetings that aren’t meetings, they are immersive learning experiences. That’s why I keep going back! That and they are always smiling. The theme of this in person is “co-desinging the future of » » » » on to the full article

ILN11/ Changing the Game – How to have fun while learning – Day 3

Trying something new, using the system from Storify to create the blog post from this event. I’m attaching the photos and short video of what FUN looks like at the bottom. Enjoy. [View the story “ILN11/”Changing the Game” – Innovation Learning Network -Seattle, 2011″ on Storify] (speaking of innovation, learning, and networks, remember the below » » » » on to the full article

Understanding FLOW, being low tech, Day 2 Innovation Learning Network #iln11

On day 2, we were treated to a discussion and exercise hoted by FrogDesign’s Giorgio Baresi (@giorgiobaresi) from Milan (Italy), that focused on creating Flow experiences, and how we might apply that in health situations. You can see a version of Baresi’s presentation on slideshare here. You’ll note later in the slides (slide 47) a » » » » on to the full article

“Think of the current treatment of hypertension as a really bad game” Innovation Learning Network #iln11 day 1

Frog Design - Seattle 6

The words in the title of the post come from Lyle Berkowitz, MD ( @drlyle1 ), who has been gently coaching me through the events of the first 2011 in-person meeting of the Innovation Learning Network, in Seattle, Washington. The theme of the meeting is “gamification of health care,” and it’s hosted by FrogDesign (@frogdesign) » » » » on to the full article