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Pleasure to Host: Health Care and Climate Change tweetchat #GreenHealthChat 11/12/13

#greenhealthcare Part 2: Safer Chemicals (what’s dripping in that IV besides medicine?) | Ted Eytan, MD As I mentioned in a previous post: I felt a little lonely on social media – they (The White House Champions of Change) talked about social media, but I didn’t get the sense they are using it themselves to communicate » » » » on to the full article

Community Health Needs Assessment includes the Environment, and Green Health Care Resources

After I had the opportunity to write this post on the Robert Wood Johnson Pioneering Ideas blog (see: Pioneering Idea: Your Patient’s Community Health Needs Assessment on the Desktop – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation), I learned courtesy of the Environmental Stewardship workgroup that I serve on at Kasier Permanente that one of the indicators in the » » » » on to the full article

Photo Friday: Climate Change is about People, not Polar Bears

View This is Climate Change – Ads become more relevant from March to November, 2012 on Flickr.com Top image (March 2012): Ineffective Bottom Image (November 2012): Effective If you fly through DCA airport to get to Washington, DC, you’ve probably seen one of the images above on your way to the baggage carousel. I’m there » » » » on to the full article

My slides from presentation : #GreenHC – Healthy Environments, Healthy People

Healthy environments and people eytan ACPM2012 1

I really enjoyed putting these together because I learned so much in the process. And I thank the American College of Preventive Medicine ( @ACPM_HQ ) for allowing me to practice it for the first time to an understanding audience. Slide share version plus click through version below (I like the slide table view so » » » » on to the full article

Not using stock photography: Better images to talk about green in health care #greenHC

Healthy environments and people eytan ACPM2012 1

I (and many others in the social media space) don’t really like stock photography. The problem with it is that it isn’t real, so what does it illustrate except that someone somewhere was in a studio pretending to do something. I wrote about this previously: (See: Health care is usually not a stock photo (of » » » » on to the full article

#greenHC Part 7 (last one): Why am I interested?

Healthy environments and people eytan  9

From my LEAN training, I’ve learned to always ask “Why?” and this topic is no different for me. I did not train at a place where sustainability was emphasized, so I asked why it’s emphasized where I work now, Kaiser Permanente. Answer: this is in our DNA, too The first images are from the Sidney » » » » on to the full article

#greenHC part 6: Are LEAN hospitals green hospitals? – Measuring CO2e in health care

Healthy environments and people eytan  23

My presentation is today, and just one more section to go after this one. This post is about measurement. The question in the title of the post came from ePatientDave (@ePatientDave). He asked me, “I wonder if hospitals that are well advanced with LEAN are any different in the behaviors you cited – because everything » » » » on to the full article