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Healthier hospitals don’t just treat patients, they don’t create them in the first place, here’s how

It’s true – operating a health system in an unhealthy way actually creates illness instead of preventing it, and it actually costs more money. So why do it? Check out this video from Healthier Hospitals Initiative (@hhiorg). Healthier hospitals has catalyzed a lot of change in the 18% of GDP health care industry, I’ve seen » » » » on to the full article

It’s Just Chemistry: Healthier buildings can have less harmful chemicals, with Arlene Blum, PhD

View ‘Arlene Blum, PhD at the Center for Total Health 40189′ on Flickr.com We had the privilege of hosting a healthy buildings event (see: Healthy Buildings: Reducing Use of Harmful Chemicals | Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health) with our friends at US Green Building Council (@USGBC) featuring Arlene Blum, PhD  author, mountaineer, and founder of the Green Science » » » » on to the full article

Rethinking my sunscreen, safety of personal care products – going deeper into #GreenHC

#GreenHC stands for “Green Health Care,” and it’s definitely one of those things they didn’t teach me in medical school. Part of that is the chemicals around us and that we intentionally put on us, in personal care products, and that wasn’t really taught either. The attitude was more, “worry about smoking because that will » » » » on to the full article

Adding a new layer to the health map – Your built environment

I’ve explored the social determinants of health in the places where we live/work, etc, (see: Photo and Map Friday: The Social Determinants of the NoMa Neighborhood, Washington, DC USA | Ted Eytan, MD) and recently I got to connect with the team at the US Green Building Council (@USGBC) to go another layer deeper – » » » » on to the full article

#GreenHealthChat – tweeting with experts in climate change and health care

On Tuesday, I got to host a very special tweetchat. On a topic that I’ve been interested in for a long time, and with great people. As the title says, it was climate change in health care. Special because this topic does not get very much attention in social media. Partially because the health system » » » » on to the full article

Pleasure to Host: Health Care and Climate Change tweetchat #GreenHealthChat 11/12/13

#greenhealthcare Part 2: Safer Chemicals (what’s dripping in that IV besides medicine?) | Ted Eytan, MD As I mentioned in a previous post: I felt a little lonely on social media – they (The White House Champions of Change) talked about social media, but I didn’t get the sense they are using it themselves to communicate » » » » on to the full article

The different definitions of “sustainable” health system – US and Europe

I was curious when I got back from CleanMed Europe (see my series of posts here) about what American scholars say when they talk about a “sustainable health care system,” because what I heard in Oxford seemed so different from what I am used to. (see: CleanMed Europe LastDay: “Sustainable health system” definition : different here » » » » on to the full article