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Just Read: Need for a Non-Discrimination Statement to Protect the Health of the Transgender Population

A week ago, I received this communication from Keshav Tyagi, who’s an MPH Candidate at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine: Hi. I am an MPH student at the University of Southern California, and I am writing a paper about transgender health in the aftermath of the ACA. I was wondering if » » » » on to the full article

Just Read: Unconscious bias is like an iPhone version 20 inside your brain, and walking helps manage it (?)

The construction of our social environment can be informed and adapted to take into account implicit attitudes that potentially run counter to our conscious objectives and beliefs. Stanley D, Phelps E, Banaji M. The Neural Basis of Implicit Attitudes. Curr. Dir. Psychol. Sci. 2008;17(2):164–170. [Accessed April 1, 2014]. Still continuing, and just about done researching » » » » on to the full article

Cost of health care for people who are transgender and economic cost of homophobia

The Economic Cost of Homophobia: How LGBT Exclusion Impacts Development: World Bank Live As I continue research for speaking at the 2nd Annual Kaiser Permanente LGBTQI Health Symposium on being a trans person ally and unconscious bias, I am preparing a reflection of the various things people have said and say to me. One of » » » » on to the full article

Photo Friday: Equality Selfie, with Washington, DC Mayor Vince Gray

This week’s photograph was taken at Washington, DC’s Metropolitan Community Church. It’s a shot of Washington, DC’s Mayor, Vince Gray (@MayorVinceGray) posing for a selfie with several of his constituents.  View Gertrude Stein Club Forum 38249 on Flickr.com This group of constituents is special, because they are the beneficiaries of Washington, DC’s end to discrimination » » » » on to the full article

Just Read: Facebook leads in specifying accurate gender identity; electronic health records can follow

There’s no mistaking that the world is changing; it’s learning to love better. This is Facebook’s announcement of a significant change in the way it allows people to identify their gender. I’ve captured screen shots of what this looks like below. The changes are very much along the lines of what has been recommended for » » » » on to the full article

Creating a Culture of Acceptance – UK Army LGBT Forum

If there is one bisexual man in your unit his fitting in depends on how open to diversity your unit is. It is NOT based on how hard he tries to fit in. From Army Reserve Quarterly features Army LGBT Conference | Army LGBT Forum, part of the reading I’m doing in preparation to discuss » » » » on to the full article

Photo Friday: The end of discrimination in health care for people who are transgender, Washington, DC USA

View Prohibition of Discrimination in Health Insurance based on Gender Identity or Expression 38025 on Flickr.com This weeks photograph was taken in the Mayor Vince Gray’s (@mayorvincegray) ceremonial office, in our nation’s capital (of course) Almost to the year, I wrote this post: When does it get better for trans* people? | Ted Eytan, MD. » » » » on to the full article